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Global Particle ID Software in LHCb

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  • Firstly, they are now created (as originally intended) at the end of the processing in Brunel. In DC04 they are actually produced at the start of each event in DaVinci.
  • The amount of information stored in the ProtoParticle was extended.
For details on the new syntax and available selection criteria, please refer to the CombinedParticleMaker and ProtoParticleFilters twiki pages.

Combined PID Tuning

Tuning of the combined PID is an ongoing effort. To aid this an algorithm has been written which dumps the PID information in the charged ProtoParticles, together with some useful tracking variables and the true MC type, to an ntuple. The algorithm is available in the Rec/GlobalReco package (available in the default DaVinci job) and is called ProtoParticleTupleAlg.

In the fullness of time, details on the PID performance and tunings will be posted here.

ChrisRJones - 17 Nov 2006
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