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DIRAC Grid Storage Quota

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 By using the --Days, --Months and --Years options it is possible to select files which were produced before a given time. This can be useful when trying to remove old data only. The base directory of the LFC to be search can be supplied (by default this is just your home directory in the LFC) which restricts the search to the supplied namespace. Finally, a wild card can be given to find only files of a given type or name. For example, to find the root files in the /lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237 directory which are older than 1 month:
> dirac-dms-user-lfns --BaseDir=/lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237 -m 1 --Wildcard='*.root'
> dirac-dms-user-lfns --BaseDir=/lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237 -M 1 --Wildcard='*.root'
 2009-09-29 14:26:21 UTC dirac-dms-user-lfns.py INFO: Will search for files in /lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237 2009-09-29 14:26:31 UTC dirac-dms-user-lfns.py INFO: /lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237: 0 files, 205 sub-directories 2009-09-29 14:26:32 UTC dirac-dms-user-lfns.py INFO: /lhcb/user/a/acsmith/B+2DStar-D0_0008/3237/3237444: 1 files, 0 sub-directories
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