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At this location http://mvesteri.web.cern.ch/mvesteri/HLT2015/test_230715/MooreOnline_HEAD_v2/

How these results were produced

Note that these instructions will quickly become obsolete during this busy commissioning phase. Since this requires the HltDecReportsTuple which lives in Hlt/IndependenceTests, which now lives only in MooreOnline, we need to use that instead of "offline" Moore. Full setup, start to finish. Put into a script and run with
time (source <script>.sh)
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### Moore HEAD setup (WED 22nd July nightlies)                                                                                 
cd $User_release_area
SetupMooreOnline HEAD --build-env --nightly lhcb-gaudi-head WED
SetupProject --nightly lhcb-gaudi-head WED MooreOnline HEAD --build-env
getpack Hlt/HltSettings head
getpack Hlt/Hlt2Lines head
getpack Hlt/HltConf head
getpack Hlt/Hlt2CommissioningScripts head
cmt br make -j 8
cd $User_release_area/MooreOnline_HEAD/Hlt/Hlt2CommissioningScripts
SetupMooreOnline HEAD --nightly lhcb-gaudi-head WED
gaudirun.py scripts/HltRateTests/MooreRatesLocalRealData.py scripts/HltRateTests/Moore10000Events.py | tee stdout

### some paths                                                                                                                 
export outdir=/afs/cern.ch/work/m/mvesteri/TMP/HLT2015OUTPUT/test230715_v2/
export DATAPATH=/afs/cern.ch/work/m/mvesteri/TMP/HLT2015OUTPUT/test230715_v2/
export WEBDIR=/afs/cern.ch/user/m/mvesteri/www/HLT2015/test_230715/MooreOnline_HEAD_v2/

### copy the output into the right place                                                                                       
cd $User_release_area/MooreOnline_HEAD/Hlt/Hlt2CommissioningScripts
mkdir -p ${outdir}/0/output/
cp stdout ${outdir}/0/output/
cp tuples.root ${outdir}/0/output/
cp hists.root ${outdir}/0/output/

### make all the tables                                                                                                        
cd $User_release_area/MooreOnline_HEAD/Hlt/Hlt2CommissioningScripts
source scripts/HltRateTests/MakeAllTables.sh ${DATAPATH} ${WEBDIR}
echo "DONE!"
echo "point your browser at:"
echo "http://mvesteri.web.cern.ch/mvesteri/HLT2015/test_230715/MooreOnline_HEAD_v2"
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And the output appears here http://mvesteri.web.cern.ch/mvesteri/HLT2015/test_230715/MooreOnline_HEAD_v2/

-- MikaVesterinen - 2015-07-23

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