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Hlt Trigger Selection Naming Convention

The following naming convention applies to strings used to identify Trigger Selections which may get saved in HltSummary.

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 For example "Hlt1HadronSingleDecision" is a HltTrackFilter.

Entry selections, usually based on L0 trigger criteria (HltL0Filter), can be shared among alleys, thus are just named: "Hl1L0XXX" where XXX is L0 trigger name for single condition (e.g. "Hlt1L0Muon"). For more complex entry points use descriptive name (e.g. "Hlt1L0MuonORMuonNoGlob").

Note that, because each alley is supposed to be able to run independent of the others )eg. all others might be switched off, or prescaled for a given event), one must add the entry selection, using the shared name to avoid duplicating the algorithm and to insure it executes at most once for a single event, at the beginning of each individual alley.

input and output properties of selection algorithms

Note that soon we will enforce the rule that an algorithms will have the following convention for the properties that define their in- and output: The name of output selections is specified by the property 'OutputSelection', which defauts to the name of the algorithm. In case the algorithm has a single input selection, it is specified by 'InputSelection', and this In case the algorithm has N input selections, their names are 'InputSelection1','InputSelection2',...,'InputSelectionN'. In the last two cases, each property must be set explicitly. Not doing so will result in an error. In case the algorithm has a variable number of input selections, the property is 'InputSelections', which is vector of strings.

  -- TomaszSkwarnicki (with input from Jose) - 20 Jun 2008, 01 Jul 2008
-- GerhardRaven - 22 Jul 2008
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