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How to create a step

Steps are the core part to configure jobs. They contain all the relevant information about the software version, the configuration files, the input and output data types and so on. They can be created from the Dirac web portal using the lhcb_tech role.

The easiest thing is to select a given application from the Application drop down menu, e.g. Brunel, and duplicate a step that is already there and is the most similar to the processing needed. So you can right click on the relevant step and select "Duplicate".

* Step Manager screenshot:

The web portal now will show a page with a lot of fields to be filled:

* Fill in the blanks:

  • Name: put a name which is meaningful for the processing
  • Processing pass: here you have to stick to this convention
  • Application: select the right application (should be already there) and version
  • System config: this is the value of the CMTCONFIG environment variable which should drive the selection of the gcc version and the opt-imized or dbg-ed libraries
  • Option files: here you must put the configuration files that will drive the correct configuration of the application and the jobs
  • Extra Packages: the version of AppConfig that contains the right configuration for the application
  • CondDB and DDDB: these two fields define the tag of the LHCb Condition database and Detector Description database
  • Visible: this flag drives the visibility of the processing pass and consequently the BKK path that will be created. Tipically you want to mark visible, e.g., a Stripping pass, but not a Merging one, which is not useful to characterize the processing
  • Usable: this flag drives the usability of the step and its visibility in the ist of available steps when creating a new production. If the Usable flag is set to "Obsolete", the step won't appear, meaning that it's been superseded by a newer one
  • File types: the application, depending on the configuration files, will take different input and will generate different output file types. In case of, for example, Stripping and Merging productions, the output file types of the Stripping step must match the Input file types of the Merging one.

-- MarcoCorvo - 2016-11-07

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