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Note: Usually a user is assign one of three roles: reader (read only access), user (read&write access) or developer (read&write, ability to create various objects plus unlimited tablespace). The developer role permissions are a superset of user permissions which in turn include the reader role permissions. For more information on the actual privileges each role contains please read "Users and Role" twiki entry.

RAC databases (rac01-rac04):

  • Database oradb01:
    • Listener port: 1521
    • Service confdb
      • Users: see Configuration Db twiki page
    • Service rundb
      • Users: rundb_admin, rundb_writer, rundb_reader
    • Service lbemdh
      • Users: lbemdh_admin, lbemdh_writer, lbemdh_reader

  • Database oradb02 (PVSS Archiving):
    • Listener port: 1522
    • Users, tablespaces: not created

ora01 databases:

  • Database "test" on lbondiskdev.cern.ch. Used for database development (SHIFTDB presently)
    • Created users: root with SYSDBA priviledges
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