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Deadtime control

For reliable triggering it is essential to set a minimum trigger deadtime to veto triggers until the hardware is ready to respond to the next. This is especially important when several parts of the system are running synchronously (e.g. tracker, RICH and beam scintillators). For example, with the RICH upgrade readout in TAE mode sending 23 time slots, the deadtime can be used to enforce a minimum spacing between triggers of 23 times 25ns (575ns). The deadtime setting in the trigger board is an integer with each step being 100ns so in this case, a setting of at least 6 (i.e. 600ns) should be used, more to be safer. The allowed range is 1-511. The deadtime can also be used to limit the rate to reduce packet loss in the network switch. \ No newline at end of file


The JRichTBTrigger register map can be viewed here.
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