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  • Check that ccserv are running on all CCPC
  • Set the processors in running state
    • Check that all FPGAs are in processing mode (tmuPbFpgaStatus)
    • Check that QPLL is lock for each processsor (tmuPbFpgaStatus)
    • Check the time aligment value (tmuPbFpgaStatus)
    • Check mask (AllOptLinkMasks)
    • Check that LUTs are loaded (ToolBox)
    • Check that board number are set (ToolBox)
    • Check that processors number are set (ToolBox)
    • Check the setting of TELL1 boards:
      • Overview Source IP ans Versions (Overview)
      • Selected links are without errors (ORx )
      • Dynamic addressing (GBE)
      • Processing configuration from TFC (Run Ctrl)
  • Start TFC and start trigger:
    • Check that TELL1 emit packet (TTC & FlowCtrl Mon.)
    • Check that TELL1 links are without errors (ORx)
    • Check that number of event written are the same for all TELL1 links of a board (ORx)
    • Check that no MEPs are lost at the level of the event builder

-- RenaudLeGac - 22 Feb 2008

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