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L0Muon Software

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  • Property : generic class to set the Unit's properties
L0/L0MuonKernel (CVS)
Content :

  • usefull class to manipulate candidates :
    • MuonCandidate
    • CandRegisterHandler

  • a set of specialized units inheriting from L0MUnit. One can distinguish :
    • Pure containers necessary to build the hierarchy of units (MuonTriggerUnit, CrateUnit, BoardUnit, ProcUnit)
    • Working units where a task is actually performed; the input register are read, a task is perform, result is set in the output registers. 3 type of tasks can be considered :
      • data formatting (FormattingUnit, FormattingOutUnit)
      • candidate search (CoreUnit)
      • candidate selection (BCSUnit, CtrlUnit both inheriting from SelectionUnit)

  • a set of 'converters' used to extract information from a set of Registers and TileRegisters corresponding to data written in raw banks or L0Buffer

  • a set of 'error classes' used to handle the errors field in the converters

Unit tasks flow :
  • At the beginning of each job :
    • initialize
  • For each event :
    • preexecute : the data exchange between the processing unit is emulated by the FormattingUnit
    • execute : the candidate are search by the CoreUnit
    • postexecute :
      • the candidates are selected by the BCSUnit and then by the CtrlUnit
      • each FormattingOutUnit performs the data formatting in view of the output in banks or L0Buffer by the converters
      • the registers are cleared
  • At the end of each job :
    • finalize

Lbcom project

L0/L0Muon (CVS)
  • L0MuonAlg : algorithm to run the L0Muon emulator.
  • L0MuonOutputs : tool to write on TES the output of the various L0Muon algorithms.


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L0/L0mTestBench (CVS)
L0/L0Analysis (CVS)
L0/L0MuonPresenter (CVS)

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