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HOW TO TELL1 board [information for the calo piquet]

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  • Once done, the FSM state switches back to NOT READY.
  • Do Configure the given tell1 board to check that everything is ok.

Spy Memories:


Spy Memories

  The CALO tell1 firmware contains spy memories in the PP-FPGA [size: 256 words - 1 CROC event: 34 words (1 header - 1 ctrl word and 32 data words)] on the ORx outputs which allow to read what was received by the CROC before any treatment of the data.
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Data format

_Input Format (CROC)_

34 words: 1 header word + 1 control word + 32 data words

11 FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) P(1b) L0EvtID(10b) BX ID(10b)
10 FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) P(1b) Control word(20b)
01 FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) P(1b) Data 0(20b)
01 FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) P(1b) ...
01 FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) P(1b) Data 31(20b)


Trigger(10b) ADC(10b)


Trigger 0(2b) ADC 0(8b) Trigger 1(2b) ADC 1(8b)

_MEP Data Format_



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_EHCAL ZS Data Format_


_PSSPD ZS Data Format_


Control word(9b): (General Error = Error Link OR Error Synchro)

CTRL(2b) Error Link(1b) Error Synchro(1b) TTYPE(4b) General Error(1b)

TTYPE (ODIN board):

Trigger Type Encoded Priority
Reserve 000 (0x0) -
Physics 001 (0x1) 1
Auxiliary 010 (0x2) 2
Random 011 (0x3) 3
Periodic 100 (0x4) 4
NZS 101 (0x5) -
Timing 110 (0x6) 5
Calibration 111 (0x7) 6

_Error Bank Format_


Header Bank Length(16b) Bank ID(0x8E00)(16b)

Link0 0 Error Synchro(1b) Error Link(1b) FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) FE L0EvtID(10b) FE BXID(10b)
Link1 0 Error Synchro(1b) Error Link(1b) FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) FE L0EvtID(10b) FE BXID(10b)
Link2 0 Error Synchro(1b) Error Link(1b) FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) FE L0EvtID(10b) FE BXID(10b)
Link3 0 Error Synchro(1b) Error Link(1b) FE Crate(5b) FE Card(4b) FE L0EvtID(10b) FE BXID(10b)

bank_length : 168[0xA8] bytes,42[0x2A] words


ORx input links

Each PP-FPGA receives up to 4 optical links.

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