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Date Update
8/11/2015 The past week had a quite low number of queries. A problem with empty directories left in the gangadir preventing Ganga from starting. Solution is to search for them and delete them. find ~/gangadir/repository/${USER}/LocalXML/6.0/jobs/* -empty -type d -delete The location might need to be adjusted if the user has moved their gangadir to a different location by editing their .gangarc. A problem with a job with subjobs not submitting correctly. There is in 6.1.13 still an issue with some jobs failing to submit if the submission is only done after a quit and restart of Ganga. Solution is to create job and submit in same session. A problem with a grid certificate. After the problem did not fix itself 24 hours after the user updated their certificate, I contacted Joel Closier and he fixed something. Problem often arise when a user gets a new certificate (like switch from a University one to a CERN one).
10/02/2015 Ganga 6.1.9 was released on Friday, This release identifies as 'Ganga-SVN' due to a mistake in the release of the latest version
10/02/2015 Several sites were in downtime over the past week, this causes problems on the mailing list. A fix has been mentioned several times on the list and in the email report to the lhcb-dast list
09/04/2015 CNAF will remain down through the weekend. Ganga 6.1.8 is out, with no issues yet, but probably not many users yet either. There are a couple of open threads ( here, and here ) which are pending followup by the users who started the threads.
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