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Date Update
11/12/2015 Last week was pretty quiet again. There was another case where a new user's home directory on the grid didn't exist. Again this was fixed quickly by Joel. The same user then had some mysteriously failing Bender jobs, which I wasn't able to resolve - see the thread here: https://groups.cern.ch/group/lhcb-ganga/Lists/Archive/DispForm.aspx?ID=5677 I asked Igor to report() the job in question but the report has yet to appear. Otherwise there were two instances of apparently corrupted files, one at Manchester and one at IN2P3. A ticket has been opened with the local grid services to investigate.
8/11/2015 The past week had a quite low number of queries. A problem with empty directories left in the gangadir preventing Ganga from starting. Solution is to search for them and delete them. find ~/gangadir/repository/${USER}/LocalXML/6.0/jobs/* -empty -type d -delete The location might need to be adjusted if the user has moved their gangadir to a different location by editing their .gangarc. A problem with a job with subjobs not submitting correctly. There is in 6.1.13 still an issue with some jobs failing to submit if the submission is only done after a quit and restart of Ganga. Solution is to create job and submit in same session. A problem with a grid certificate. After the problem did not fix itself 24 hours after the user updated their certificate, I contacted Joel Closier and he fixed something. Problem often arise when a user gets a new certificate (like switch from a University one to a CERN one).
10/02/2015 Ganga 6.1.9 was released on Friday, This release identifies as 'Ganga-SVN' due to a mistake in the release of the latest version
10/02/2015 Several sites were in downtime over the past week, this causes problems on the mailing list. A fix has been mentioned several times on the list and in the email report to the lhcb-dast list
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