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TED Databases

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IT Channel Info

Details Link Date Author
Dead strip map xml July M. Needham
Dead strip map xml July M. Needham
Dead strip map xml June (buggy/obsolete) M. Needham
Helge's configuration noise values xml June J. Luisier
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NoiseValuesInfo.xml" attr="" comment="Noise values for IT, run 50228, Helge's config" date="1247656086" name="NoiseValuesInfo.xml" path="NoiseValuesInfo.xml" size="1362720" stream="NoiseValuesInfo.xml" user="Main.JohanLuisier" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" attr="" comment="" date="1248094245" name="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" path="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" size="297973" stream="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" attr="" comment="" date="1248789881" name="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" path="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" size="93299" stream="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" attr="" comment="" date="1248860547" name="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" path="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" size="93189" stream="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
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