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TED Databases

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IT Vetra condition database

Details Link Date Author
Helge's configuration xml file xml June H. Voss
Helge's configuration xml file (pedestal following on) xml June H. Voss
Helge's configuration xml file (pedestal following off) xml June H. Voss

TT Channel info

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" attr="" comment="" date="1248094245" name="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" path="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" size="297973" stream="ITStereoLayersUntouched.xml" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" attr="" comment="" date="1248789881" name="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" path="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" size="93299" stream="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" attr="" comment="" date="1248860547" name="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" path="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" size="93189" stream="ReadoutSectors.xml.TED2" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HelgesTELL1Cond-noped.xml" attr="" comment="" date="1249574395" name="HelgesTELL1Cond-noped.xml" path="HelgesTELL1Cond-noped.xml" size="3545069" stream="HelgesTELL1Cond-noped.xml" user="Main.MatthewNeedham" version="1"
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