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Session on LFV and rare D and B decays

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    • Given existing results on mu -> e gamma and mu -> 3 e, what are the prospects for tau -> 3 mu?
    • What are the most promising decays to search for lepton flavour violation that can be measured in LHCb (which could include final states with electrons, muons, taus or charged hadrons, e.g. B -> e mu)?
    • What are the correlations with other non-lepton flavour violating observables (e.g. Bs -> mu mu)?
  • B-->
4mu, other decays
  • B-->4mu is experimentaly rather background free. Can it be used to constrain NP (e.g., look for Z' w/o contradicting Bs mixing, look for new scalars ...)
  • Can be this (or other channel) be related to HyperCP Sigma ->p mumu (H.Park et al. (HyperCP Coll.) PRL 94, 021801 (2005))
  -- ThomasBlake - 10-Oct-2011
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