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Releases based on LHCb v26r0 (and Gaudi v20r3, LCG_55b)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v26r0. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.
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  jonrob_20081022 v33r4 Improvements to python configruables for better tracking re-configuration + template configuration files for cosmic reconstruction
  pkoppenb_20081024 v33r4 Added ST monitoring

Geant4 v91r2p4 (Released on 9th December 2008)

Based on Geant4 9.p02 (identical to v91r2p3), just uses Gaudi v20r3
Geant4/G4config gcorti_20081205 v91r2p4 only change version
Geant4Sys gcorti_20081205 v91r2p4 adapt to packages without directoty version

Gauss v36r0 (Released on 10th December 2008)

Based on Gauss v35r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Gen/LbPythia robbep_20081020 v8r2 Change mass units to GeV
  robbep_20081023 v8r2 Read LHA files from Pythia
  robbep_20081105 v8r2 Fix for Susy events
  robbep_20081111 v8r2 Add extra charmonia states (psi(2S), ... )
  robbep_20081112 v8r2 Activate extra charmonium production by default
  robbep_20081125 v8r2 Activate psi(3770) production by default
  robbep_20081127 v8r2 Add LSP Cut tool
  robbep_20081128 v8r2 Extract supersymmetric particles properties from Pythia
  gcorti_20081203 v8r2 change name of directory where LHA files (susy) are
Gen/GENSER robbep_20081111 v5r0 Add extra charmonia states (psi(2S), ...)
  robbep_20081125 v5r0 Add psi(3770) production
Sim/GaussKine robbep_20081020 v3r2 Add new algorithms for MCTruth handling
  robbep_20081023 v3r2 Check Geant4 particle IDs (with job options)
  robbep_20081029 v3r2 Eliminate particles destroyed by Geant4
  robbep_20081104 v3r2 Robust assignment of vertex types
  robbep_20081105 v3r2 Check extra status
  robbep_20081128 v3r2 Update Geant4 particles from particle property service
Sim/GaussTools robbep_20081020 v15r1 Add new algorithms for MCTruth handling
  robbep_20081023 v15r1 Code cleaning
  robbep_20081104 v15r1 Change behaviour of WorldCuts and KineCuts to prevent decays
Sim/GiGa robbep_20081020 v19r4 Use ParticlePropertySvc properties in Geant4
  robbep_20081104 v19r4 update also lifetime from ParticlePropertySvc
  robbep_20081128 v19r4 Move update of particle properties in GaussKine
Sim/GiGaCnv robbep_20081020 v18r6 Add pointer to MCParticle of mother for MCTruth handling
Sim/GaussRICH seaso_20081024 v9r2 Bug fix for storing MCParticle for MIP crossing HPDs
Sim/GaussMonitor robbep_20081111 v6r1 Fix for ROOT ntuples on 64 bit machines
Sim/GaussPhysics robbep_20081127 v6r1 Add neutralinos and charginos for Geant4
Gen/ParticleGuns gcorti_20081202 v6r2 Add possibility of ToF with beam direction based on z of vertex
Sim/GiGaVisUI gcorti_20081208 v5r1 Fix error message for "World", from Marco Pappagallo
Sim/Gauss gcorti_20081202 v36r0 Activate new way of MCTruth
Sim/Gauss gcorti_20081208 v36r0 Packing of MC Particle/vertices, options for beam/velo/magnet configurations

DecFiles v16r0 ( Released on 8th December 2008 Requires ParticleTable with next DDDB tag 2009)

Decay Event type Reference Tag Comment
Bd->psi(2S)K* 11144011 gcorti_20081023 from Ulrik Egede, with cuts on daughters
Bu->Jpsi(2S)K* 12145101 gcorti_20081023 from Ulrik Egede, with cuts on daughters
    gcorti_20081107 bug fix from Chris Eames
Bu->psi(2S)K* 12145111 gcorti_20081023 from Ulrik Egede, with cuts on daughters
DECAY.DEC all robbep_20081103 tag as v16r0, Add "DC09" file
    robbep_20082511 Add psi(3770) entries
DECAY_DC06.DEC removed gcorti_20081204 Obsolete
DECAY_WithCP.DEC removed gcorti_20081204 Obsolete
Jpsi_mumu,20GeV-140GeV=TrkAcc 59050001 gcorti_20081204 J/psi->mumu particle gun
KaplanNeutralino,xxx 450000xx gcorti_20081204 SUSY with Neal Gueissaz
BRpVNeutralino_xxx 46xx00xx gcorti_20081204 SUSY with Neal Gueissaz
BRpVGaugino_m0800_m324000 46000050 gcorti_20081204 SUSY with Neal Gueissaz
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