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Releases based on LHCb v26r1 (and Gaudi v20r4, LCG_55c)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v26r1. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.
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Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Event/EventPacker v1r2 v1r2 Fix packed momentum error

Gauss v36r2 (released 11th February 2009)

Based on Gauss v36r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Gen/EvtGen wreece_20090120 v10r2 Adds model registration
Gen/EvtGenExtras wreece_20090120b v1r0 Dummy model to test registration
Gen/Generators wreece_20090120 v9r3 Passes the list of decay models from EvtGenExtras to EvtGen.
Gen/BcVegPy jonrob_20090120 v1r1p3 Fixes for gfortran / OSX
Gen/LbHerwig cattanem_20090129 v6r0p1 Backward compatible fix for Gaudi v21
Gen/LbHijing jonrob_20090120 v4r1 Fixes for gfortran / OSX
Sim/Gauss jonrob_20090126 v36r2 Activate RICH extended information by default + Add linker algorithms
  gcorti_20090204 v36r2 Reshuffle options for list of items on tape
  gcorti_20090210 v36r2 Luminosity and beam setting for 5 TeV (FEST)
Sim/GaussAlgs jonrob_20090126 v3r4 Suppress info messages about RICH extended info
Gen/LbPythia robbep_20090126 v8r3 Reintroduce extra charmonium processes
Sim/GaussRICH jonrob_20090126 v9r3 Import two new linker algorithms from Boole
  gcorti_20090204 v9r3 Reshuffle options for list of items on tape
Calo/CaloMoniSim odescham_20090113 v3r1p2 Fix titles of histograms
GaussSys gcorti_20090204 v36r2 Add EvtGenExtras, otherwise Generators does not build
  gcorti_20090210 v36r2 Put in version of packages

DecFiles v16r1 (released 11th February 2009)

( Does not depend on LHCb BUT requires DDDB tag later then head-20090108) Based on v16r0 and the additional decays
Decay Event type Reference Tag Comment
tau_muphi,KK 31113044 v16r0 new LFV decay
tau_piphinu,KK 31503044 v16r0 new LFV decay
tau_Kphinu,KK 31503049 v16r0 new LFV decay
tau_pi-pi+pi-nu 31503010 v16r0 new LFV decay
tau_pi-pi+pi-pi0nu 31503410 v16r0 new LFV decay
tau_mumumu 31113001 v16r0 renamed from Tau_mumumu
incl_psi2S,mm=DecProdCut 28142001 robbep_20090126 Needs new script to create options
incl_Upsilon,mm=DecProdCut 18112001 robbep_20090126 Needs new script to create options
Bs_Jpsif0,mm=DecProdCut 13144011 robbep_20090126  
Bs_Jpsif0,mm=CPV,DecProdCut 13144012 robbep_20090126  
incl_Upsilon2S,mm=DecProdCut 18112011 mneedham_20090602  
incl_Upsilon3S,mm=DecProdCut 18112021 mneedham_20090602  
incl_Upsilon4S,mm=DecProdCut 18112031 mneedham_20090602  
incl_Upsilon5S,mm=DecProdCut 18112041 mneedham_20090602  

Geant4 v91r3 (released 14th January 2008)

Based on Geant4 9.1.p03, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
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