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Releases based on LHCb v26r2 (and Gaudi v20r4, LCG_55c)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v26r2. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.
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Velo/VeloDAQ dhcroft_20090119 v4r5 Added a sort to the decoding of the VELO lite clusters for the track fit
Velo/VeloTools dhcroft_20090119 v3r3 Added code to calculate cluster position for "Lite" VELO clusters

Rec v6r2 (Frozen, to be released on 24th February 2009)

Based on Rec v6r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloMoniDst cattanem_20090120 v3r4 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
Calo/CaloReco cattanem_20090212 v4r17p1 Fix FPE on ia32
Muon/MuonID miriamg_20090202 v6r1 new Z position for extrapolating to the muon chambers
miriamg_20090219   small typo fixed
Muon/MuonPIDChecker pkoppenb_20090217 v3r1 Add warning when container is not there
polye_20090218 Add MS and multiplicity histos
Rec/GlobalReco v6r19 v6r19 Integrate algorithm from Tomasz to update MuonPID information in existing ProtoParticles (Already released in DaVinci patch version v22r0p2)
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20090216 v1r0 New package for offline lumi accounting
panmanj_20090217   small corrections to requirements
cattanem_20090219 fix dependency during make in configurable
Rec/RecCheckers cattanem_20090120 v1r1 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
RecSys panmanj_20090217   Add LumiAlgs package
Rich/RichMarkovRingFinder jonrob_20090115 v2r5 Fix various compilation warnings on OSX 10.5 with gcc 4.0.1
Rich/RichRecMCAlgorithms jonrob_20090216 v1r2 Add new algorithm
Rich/RichRecMCTools cattanem_20090120 v2r20p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
Rich/RichRecQC cattanem_20090120 v2r25p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
  jonrob_20090202   Fix build errors in the nighties
  jonrob_20090209   Updates to alignment monitoring
  papanest_20090212   Include RichAlignmentMonitor with "Minimal" histogram output
  papanest_20090216   Fix warning about ambiguous else
  asolomin_20090218   Better structured code RichAlignmentMonitor.cpp
Rich/RichRecStereoTools cattanem_20090120 v1r5p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20090219 v3r16 Fix python bug in HLT mode
Rich/RichRecTools cattanem_20090120 v4r6p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
  jonrob_20090215 v4r7 Small changes to PID plots tool
Rich/RichRecTrackTools cattanem_20090120 v1r8p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
Tf/PatAlgorithms cattanem_20090116 v3r14p1 fix gcc 4.3 warnings
cattanem_20090120 v3r15 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
cattanem_20090121 Fix FPE in PatFwdTrackCandidate constructor
albrecht_20090209 PatMatch: add TT clusters
Tf/PatVelo dhcroft_20090204 v3r11 PatVeloSpaceTrack copy constructor now explicit
cattanem_20090212 fix FPE on ia32
Tf/TrackMatching cattanem_20090213 v2r21p1 Fix untested StatusCode
Tf/TrackSys wouter_20090211 v4r21 Removed OTTimeCreator from sequence. Switch to special OT decoder for cosmics
Tf/TsaAlgorithm mneedham_20090210 v3r9 Update the generic tracking code
  wouter_20090211   Removed cut on max number of T hits such that OTTimes container no longer needed
cattanem_20090212 Fix gcc43 compilation
Tr/NNTools cattanem_20090122 v1r4 Improve FPE protection
cattanem_20090216 Reduce verbosity
Tr/PatChecker cattanem_20090120 v3r4p1 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
Tr/PatFitParams cattanem_20090120 v3r2p2 Remove obsolete Gaudi ParticlePropertySvc includes
Tr/TrackFitEvent mneedham_20090119 v3r20 Take cluster size from STPosition tool in STMeasurement
dhcroft_20090120 Added Velo "Lite" measurements
Tr/TrackFitter dhcroft_20090119 v2r31 Added ability to fit Velo "lite" measurements
wouter_20090210   Made 'fast' fit us lite clusters. Fixed bug in FitVelo configuration
Tr/TrackMCTools mneedham_20090127 v2r21 Extend ghost track classification interface
mneedham_20090128   Add option to cut on p with CleanPatTrackSelector
mneedham_20090129   Improvements in CleanPatSelector and ghost track classification
mneedham_20090130   Bug fix in definition of real tracks in ghost classification tool
mneedham_20000203 bug fix for gcc 4.3
Tr/TrackMonitor mneedham_20090119 v1r7 Add TTTrackMonitor
cattanem_20090120 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
dhcroft_20090122 Added the code to monitor "lite" VELO clusters in measurements
pkoppenb_20090217 Do not break if containers are absent
Tr/TrackProjectors dhcroft_20090119 v2r22 Added the VeloLite projectors
Tr/TrackTools dhcroft_20090119 v3r15 Added code to handle Velo Lite measurements to tools
cattanem_20090120 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
albrecht_20090209 Fix MeasurementProvider to correctly use Lite clusters
Tr/TrackUtils cattanem_20090120 v1r24 Migrate to LHCb::ParticlePropertySvc
Velo/VeloRecMonitors gersabec_20090213 v1r4 Fix to check previously unchecked status codes. Added Velo alignment offline monitoring plots. Reduced number of bins.
  -- MarcoCattaneo - 18 Feb 2009
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