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Releases based on LHCb v28r5 (and Gaudi v21r6, LCG_57a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v28r5. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.
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Rec/Brunel smenzemer_20091210 v35r11 use earlyData in 2009-BeamGas.py and in 2009-Collisions.py
AppConfig smenzeme_20091210 v3r29 add earlyData.py

Geant4 v92r2p1 (released 18th Dec 2009)

Patch to be able to deploy it on window

Build of Geant4 9.2.p02 and the following new tags respect to v92r2

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Geant4/G4config hmdegaud_20091208 v92r2p1 moved to the new GaudiPolicy for linker libraries
Geant4/G4processes hmdegaud_20091208 v7r1p1 moved to the new GaudiPolicy for linker libraries

Gauss v38r1 (released 18th Dec 2009)

Based on Gauss v38r0p1 and Geant4 v92r2p1, with the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091217 v11r7 CPV fix moved to EvtCPUtil::OtherB from EvtIncoherentMixing::OtherB
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091127 v11r7 Fixed EvtIncoherentMixing.cpp for slc5
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091125 v11r7 Fixed EvtSSDCP.cpp decay Model
Sim/Gauss robbep_20091215 v38r1 Fix Configuration.py to include correctly generator monitoring sequence
  silviam_20091217 v38r1 modified Configuration.py to include Velo Pipes into list of elements to be simulated
Sim/GiGa marcocle_20091217 v19r6 Fix to bug #60331
Sim/GaussMonitor gcorti_20091217 v6r5 2d histogram for primary vertex
Gen/Generators robbep_20091203 v10r6 Fix ExternalGenerator to allow pre-decay of light excited states in case of Sigma generation
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