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Releases based on LHCb v29r1 (and Gaudi v21r7p1, LCG_58a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v29r1. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.
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  siborghi_20100209   bug fix and update residual method to the change in Det/VeloDet in krinnert_20100208  
  szumlat_20100210   Add projected angle computation in VeloTrackMoniNT algorithm tagged v2r6

Hlt v9r1 (released on 19th of February)

Based on Hlt v9r0 but using LHCb v29r1, and the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Hlt/HltBeamGasAlley graven_20100212 v2r2p4 replace float by double
  graven_20100213   do not generate an error() message when there is no real error
  phopchev_20100214   use variable bin-width in BeamGasTrigVertexCut
  graven_20100215   fix compiler warning
Hlt/HltCommon graven_20100214 v5r18 add direct tar file write support to ConfigTarFileAccessSvc
  graven_20100217   fix for windows compilation, make ConfigTarFileAccessSvc the default IConfigFileAccessSvc
Hlt/HltConf graven_20100208 v6r4 remove explicit rate limit on individual Hlt2ExpressLines when setting express bit, this is now intrinsic in the line definition
  graven_20100208a   put final rate limit on express stream in a slot
  albrecht_20100209   set express rate limit to 5Hz
  gligorov_20100211   Change SoftDiHadron to DiHadronSoft
  graven_20100211   add L0ConfirmWithT/THadronConf to HltInit.py
  graven_20100212   update names of beamgas, minibias and nobias lines
  graven_20100212a   follow changes in HltGlobalMonitor
  graven_20100214   move some options files to Hlt2Lines to make them more localized
  gligorov_20100218   Update Hlt2.py to follow changes in Hlt2PID.py
  kvervink_20100218   regrouped some alleys for the HltGlobalMonitor
Hlt/HltGlobalMonitor graven_20100212 v3r1 generalize and streamline
  graven_20100215   fix windows compiler warnings
  kvervink_20100218   unused histograms are removed
Hlt/HltLine gligorov_20100206 v3r1 Allow rate limiting pre/postscalers using the "RATE(X)" syntax
  graven_20100208   cosmetic tweak of the above
  graven_20100209   fix PV2D fitter configuration as indicated by Mariusz
  graven_20100214   cleanup reco sequences
  graven_20100215   make MinimalRZVelo available
Hlt/HltL0Conf graven_20100212 v2r13p1 reduce some info() messages to debug()
Hlt/HltMuon graven_20100212 v3r5p4 replace some floats with doubles
Hlt/HltMuonAlley graven_20100212 v3r0p1 replace some floats with doubles
Hlt/HltSettings gligorov_20100204 v1r8 Include a threshold settings used for the L0 hadron confirmation study
  albrecht_20100209   fix syntax error in new Configuration
  gligorov_20100211   Change SoftDiHadron to DiHadronSoft
  graven_20100211   activate beam gas lines in Physics_320Vis_300L0....
  graven_20100212   follow name changes
  albrecht_20100213 follow name changes in unbiased dimuon lines
  albrecht_20100213a remove duplicate HLT1 muon lines
  graven_20100214   remove B2DX lines from 2010 settings, see https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?59641
  albrecht_20100217 add Drell-Yan lines to Feb10 setting
  graven_20100217   remove the B2DX lines from the 2010 settings, see https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?62726
Hlt/HltTracking graven_20100211 v4r4p2 reduce verbosity during initialize
Hlt/Hlt1Lines graven_20100209 v2r1p1 add ODIN filter to Hlt1L0xxx lines which have a MASK defined in L0 configuration
  gligorov_20100211   Change SoftDiHadron to DiHadronSoft
  graven_20100211   add rate limit to beamgas lines
  graven_20100212   update names of beamgas, minibias and nobias lines to allow easier pattern matching
  graven_20100212a   put TT decoding in HadronViaT behind PV2D
  graven_20100214   enable some reco in lumi lines, remove 2D histograms in lumi lines
  phopchev_20100214   updated the BeamGasLines to use ODIN_TRGTYPE
  phopchev_20100215   fixed typos; removed development fragments
  graven_20100215 add L0 predicate to BeamGasLines
  graven_20100215a few more small tweaks to ForcedRZVelo beamgas line
  graven_20100215b final (?) tweak to ForcedRZVelo beamgas line
  graven_20100217   remove TTGeneric from lumi, see https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?62933
albrecht_20100218 loose PR cuts in muon lines
Hlt/Hlt2Lines albrecht_20100205 v2r4 revert accidental commit which diesabled the setting of the properties RMin1 and RMin2 of Hlt2DisplVerticesLines.py
  graven_20100208   use explicit RATE(X) postscalers in Hlt2ExpressLines Add new module
  graven_20100212   eliminate some run-time warnings by setting the right properties
  albrecht_20100213 add Drell-Yan lines, name change from Unbiased.. to DiMuonUnbiased
  albrecht_20100213a modify cutsin Hlt2ExpressLines.py
  graven_20100214 move options files from HltConf to Hlt2Lines to make them more local
  graven_20100214a switch off muon PID in Hlt2TrackFitForTopo
  gligorov_20100218   Change inclusive lines (topo,charm,phi,b2dx) to follow changes in Hlt2PID.py
Hlt/Hlt2SharedParticles graven_20100214   follow movement of options files from HltConf to Hlt2Lines
  gligorov_20100218   Major change to Hlt2PID and other files, see Savannah 12691,13784
Hlt/TCKUtils graven_20100217 v1r6p2 make sure that ConfigTreeEditor uses the right IConfigFileAcessSvc instance


Boole v20r3 (to be released 19th February 2010)

Based on Boole v20r2 but using Lbcom v8r2, LHCb v29r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
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