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Special procedure for DCS after a power cut

  1. Log on to windows terminal in the online network.
  2. Open the directory G:\online\ecs\Shortcuts\VELO
  3. Double click on VEDCSHV_UI_FSM
  4. The following window appears:

  1. Expand the LV system of the A side by clicking on +VELOA_DCS and then on +VELOA_DCS_LV:

  1. Right click on +VELOA_DCS_LV to get the corresponding panel: everything is in error because the power cut turned the A and C services off.

  1. Click on VELOA_DCS_LV_PS to get the Power Supplies panel:

  1. The first two channels are the A (Aservice) and C (Cservice) services : include them back and switch them on as shown below:

  1. You now have the following status:

  1. Finally, re-exclude them to avoid that, by mistake, someone switch them off.

-- EddyJans - 01 Aug 2008

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217582162" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM.PNG" size="10099" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_Aside.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217583026" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_Aside.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_Aside.PNG" size="71983" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_Aside.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_expanded.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217583069" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_expanded.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_expanded.PNG" size="16469" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_expanded.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217584895" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS.PNG" size="41805" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_OFF.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217584911" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_OFF.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_OFF.PNG" size="41820" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_OFF.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_ON.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217584927" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_ON.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_ON.PNG" size="41999" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_ON.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_READY.PNG" attr="" comment="" date="1217584954" name="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_READY.PNG" path="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_READY.PNG" size="42187" stream="VEDCSHV_UI_FSM_PS_READY.PNG" user="Main.EddyJans" version="1"
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