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Development Use Cases

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  Discussion: I think the general recommendation is to avoid using subtree, submodule and other sub* tools with git (http://blogs.atlassian.com/2014/04/git-project-dependencies/). The real solution is to have a package manager that deals with dependencies between projects/repositories. What we need is an `environment` which contains one or more repositories. In this particular case you would clone the two repositories containing the changes you are interested in testing together (in this case the forks of the HLT and LoKi repositories which contain the proposed changes) and build them. Together they form an `environment`, in which you run what ever things you need to run. --Tim
I match your atlassian blog against submodules, and raise you a blog on why subtree is superior: http://blogs.atlassian.com/2013/05/alternatives-to-git-submodule-git-subtree/ On another note: unless we go for a 'one repo per package' model (which I don't like!), a package manager won't solve the problem of adding a single package (which is a small fraction of a repo) to another repo -- but that is the problem that subtree solves, see the item below on "Distributed management of software releases" which demonstrates how to 'split off' a directory from one repo, and subsequently 'add' it to another repo, while keeping the history. The claim is that one can also push back to the original parent repo, but I haven't tried that yet... -- Gerhard

Test of the newly developed reconstruction code feects on HLT line under development

Contact: Vava

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