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Development Use Cases

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Proof-of-principle (to be further streamlined and properly 'packaged') of how to import a single 'package', in this case a specified subdirectory of one project 'inside' another project:
   git clone ssh://git@gitlab.cern.ch:7999/LHCb-SVN-mirrors/Brunel.git  # check out the 'target' repository
   git clone ssh://git@gitlab.cern.ch:7999/LHCb-SVN-mirrors/Rec.git  # check out the 'source' repository
   cd Rec  # go into the source repo 
   git subtree split --prefix=Tf/PatAlgorithms -b PatAlgorithms-patch   # and create a branch in Rec which only contains Tf/PatAlgorithms
   cd ../Brunel # now go to the target repo
   git remote add Rec ../Rec  # add a pointer to the Rec repository which contains the special Tf/PatAlgorithms only branch 
   git checkout -b brunel-with-patalgorithms-patch # create a branch for this version of Brunel which includes Tf/PatAlgorithms
   git subtree add --prefix=Tf/PatAlgorithms Rec PatAlgorithms-patch  # add the PatAlgorithms-patch branch from the remote repo Rec

Todo: use a specified tag of Rec (i.e. a tag which specifies Tf/PatAlgorithms), push the 'split' Rec repo back up to gitlab, and use it instead of a local repo when adding the subtree to the local Brunel repo. Push the Brunel repo back to gitlab, and tag it, and check that one can checkout the tagged version of Brunel, and that it includes Tf/PatAlgorithms. Try to modify Tf/PatAlgorithms inside Brunel, and push it back to both Brunel on gitlab, as well as Rec on gitlab... (and replace 'Brunel' with 'DaVinci' to really match the challenge)


Analysis Uses Cases

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 Priority: High (Can't customize DecayTreeTuple otherwise)


See the "Distributed management of software releases" item as necessary prerequisite. Once that works, the next step is to integrate it into Ganga...

Reference data

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