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Recommended LoKi::Hybrid Functors

This lists the filters recommended for use in the HLT and the selections. See DaVinciTutorial4 for a hands-on tutorial. A longer, but not necessarily up-to-date, list can be found at LoKiParticleFunctions. It also contains examples on how to use these functors in C++ code. As neither are guaranteed to be a complete list, you can always see the DOxygen for the LoKi::Cuts namespace here.
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 is extracted using DVAlgorithm::lifetimeFitter("nick-name").

BPVVDCHI2: -separation from related PV

Computes the -distance from the related PV.
Computes the -distance from the related PV: (Pos(bestPV) - Pos(EndVertex))^T ( cov_(bestPV) + cov(EndVertex) )^-1 (Pos(bestPV) - Pos(EndVertex))
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CombineParticles.MotherCut = "BPVVDCHI2()>100" 
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