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Making a MC version of a TCK

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  Lastly, contact the production people so that they know to release a new Appconfig and you're done.

Adding TCKs for Moore v14 or older

The config.cdb files did not exist in v14 or older, so the TCKs need to be in the config.tar file. First add the MC TCKs to the config.cdb as usual and then copy them to config.tar following this example:
from TCKUtils.utils import *
from TCKUtils.backend import *

cdb_file = 'config.cdb'
tar_file = 'config.tar'

cdb_cas = ConfigCDBAccessSvc("ConfigAccessSvcSource", File=cdb_file)
tar_cas = ConfigTarFileAccessSvc("ConfigAccessSvcTarget", File=tar_file, Mode='ReadWrite')

copy(source=cdb_cas, target=tar_cas, glob='TCK/0x40a30044')
copy(source=cdb_cas, target=tar_cas, glob='TCK/0x40ac0046')

To check the TCKs were indeed copied, within TCKsh do:

cas = ConfigTarFileAccessSvc(File='config.tar')

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