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  • ProperTime Acceptance function: A precise determination of the acceptance function should be a an issue in case of Lifetime measuremtens. In case of asymmetries analyses it should be less critical (to prove with RooFit studies).
    • There's an ongoing study on how to implement the event by event algorithm from CDF....but CDF is not using it for publications: needs to check on papers what are they using.
    • There's an ongoing study on how to implement the event by event algorithm: we should stay tuned for coming results
  • How to evaluate the bias that comes from the trigger?
    • In order to evaluate the trigger acceptance the ratio of TIS and TOS might be used [but at the end we want the full acceptance not just the trigger one].
    • What about a strategy that: 1) evaluates the trigger acceptance 2) uses MC to evaluate post trigger effects? [discussion]
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