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Bookkeeping meeting, January 28th 2008

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  As suggested by the BKWG, two view schema should be defined separately for real and MC data, and new tables added in order to define in particular "data taking periods" as well as "processing passes". The existing MC views schema should be reviewed in order to address the current problems (limited number of programs in history, multiple versions in the history).
In parallel with the definition of a new schema the necessary script should be written for migrating the existing information to the new schema. One should check which data should be migrated (e.g. is DC04 data still useful?)

Action (Philippe): check with physics groups one the need to keep any non-DC06 data in the BK

 A well specified API should be defined in order to implement BK access through a DIRAC service (see next point). This API must set the baseline for all higher level usage of the BK, either for administrating it (BK manager) or querying it. Elisa already defined part of the API for implementing her prototype python interface.

Action (Elisa): document the prototype API and classes, to be reviewed and augmented in order to accommodate the use cases (to be explicitly listed as well)

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  Action (Zoltan): get documentation on how to set up a DIRAC service and client from DIRAC developers. Implement a dummy server/client, and follow soon with porting Elisa's prototype as a service.
The question of CVS repository and access was discussed and since then Andrei has set up the structure.

Next meetings

Wednesday 31 January if Marianne available

Monday 4 February @ 14:00 (note unusual time)

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