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Procedure for the migration of the DC06 data

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 Production 1894

The job with JobId = 11833483 exists in the jobParams table, but it doesn't in the jobs table.

Then, this job and its output files (fileId = 33328384,33328385,33328386) have to be ignored? to be decided...
This job has some output files (fileId = 33328384,33328385,33328386) hence it cannot be dropped. Then, the attributes of the jobs table have been retrieved from other events of the same production and the entry has been added by hand in the new schema.
In the old schema nothing has been altered.
Production 1897

Most of its jobs have been processed taking in input a file already processed by another job of ANOTHER PRODUCTION. The prod. 1858.

To be decided what to do with this production...

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