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Procedure for the migration of the DC06 data

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 Weighted Average rate = 62.41 rows/s
Monday 2 June 2008 - Migration of files with null production number

See below for more details about these files.
The migration has started on Monday 2nd June at 5 pm. and finished on Wed 4th June at 8:40 am. Migration tool: migrateNullProdFiles.test4() in the directory /home/elisal/bookkeeping/migration/bk/ . Logfiles stored in : /home/elisal/bookkeeping/migration/bk/nullProd
Performance of the migration:
So far: files read: 124 and Jobs inserted = 3212302 (and 3952050 files)
average rate 67.0 rows/s -> estimated total time: 16.4 h
weighted average rate 27.0 rows/s -> estimated total time: 40.6 h


Problems found during the migration

Production 1734

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  This problem has to be solved...
We fixed the problem in this way: select all the files with this problem (null production number, configuration DC06 and gotReplica='yes'). On the basis of the file name, we have reconstructed the job name and the production number. The information has been stored, production by production, on ascii files (one for each productions). After that, an ad hoc migration script has been developed to copy these files from the old schema to the new schema. Migration done on Tuesday 3 June 08.
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