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General informations

This page is intended to be a repository of documents about the LHCb Muon data preparation.

The upgrade phase-1 of the LHCb detector foresees the readout of the detector at 30 MHz, and the selection of partially reconstructed events at the HLT1 stage, to reduce the data flow 20-40 fold.

The muon data preparation code is under an important revision, the aim is to reduce the computing time. The actual main changes are:

1) code ported in the Gaudi Functional scheme;

2) drop of the usage of KeyedContainer and reduced the access to TES;

3) MuonCoord as an intermediate step has been completely removed;

4) MuonRawBuffer, MuonRec and MuonPrepareHits codes have been replaced by MuonRawToHits;

5) created a lookup table to replace Tile2XYZ;

6) improve sorting.


The Muon System readout is under the LHCb project /LHCb/Muon/MuonDAQ


Status of the data preparation and muon reconstruction code by R. Vazquez Gomez (Muon Software Meeting 04/02/2019)

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