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Welcome to the LHCb Muon DAQ analysis page

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Useful links


Useful links & documentation




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Welcome to the LHCb Muon DAQ analysis page

These page contain an introduction for the DAQ data analysis.

LHCb Online Page

Useful links

Data location

Data files taken with DAQ from Control Room are written in the directories:

  • LHCb acquisition: /daqarea/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/LHCb/PHYSICS/#runnumber
  • MUON acquisition (e.g. side C): /daqarea/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/#runnumber
20774 - 20778 * Some test data can be found on the online cluster in /group/muon/testdata or on castor /castor/cern.ch/user/g/ggiacomo/testdata


Run type Run number Run description Activity
Cosmics 22788 Taken with aligned Calo LHCb
Noise 22902 Just testing the acquisition on side C MUONC

Procedure for data analysis

Data Access

Lots of useful informations are kept in the data online page. To directly access data on the online cluster you need

  • First of all you should log onto the online cluster (e.g. linux: ssh -X lbgw.cern.ch).
  • Then you should log into the plus01 machine: ssh plus01
Otherwise you can access data on castor
  • Data is copied to castor every hour. E.g. data under /daqarea/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/#runnumber can be found in castor: /castor/cern.ch/grid/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/#runnumber
    • To check if your favourite run is there try for example: rfdir /castor/cern.ch/grid/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/
  • You can run either on raw or MDF files......
    • EventSelector.Input += {"DATAFILE='PFN:rfio:///castor/cern.ch/grid/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/22902/022902_0000022654.raw' TYP='POOL_ROOT' OPT='READ'"};
    • EventSelector.Input += {"DATA='rfio:///castor/cern.ch/grid/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/MUONC/PHYSICS/xxx/xxx.mdf' SVC='LHCb::MDFSelector'"};

Data Analysis

To run your favourite monitor you can start, on lxplus, using
  • setenvBrunel (default recommended)
  • getpack Muon/MuonMonitor (default again)
  • getpack Rec/Brunel (def)
  • compile Brunel after having added MuonMonitor to the requirements
  • You can now change the User_realdata.opts file to point to your raw data information.....
  • To run analysis you can just: $BRUNELROOT/slc_.../Brunel.exe $MUONMONITORROOT/options/gaudi_realdata.opts
This chain has been tested with Brunel_v32r5 + MuonMonitor v2r3 A monitor.root files is created!

LHCb Online Presenter

Instructions on how to run the LHCb Online Presenter and see Muon monitoring histograms

  • login on some node on the LHCb online network (look here for instructions)
    • for Linux:
      • setup LHCb environment:
        • tcsh shell: source /group/muon/scripts/lhcbsetup.csh
        • bash shell: . /group/muon/scripts/lhcbsetup.sh
      • start the presenter: /group/muon/scripts/runpresenter
    • for M$ windoz (discouraged)
      • set DIM_DNS_NODE=hlte1101
      • g:\online\presenter\presenter.bat
  • browse through the page tree on the left, look in "Muon Commissioning"
  • single click on your favourite page
  • if you see no histograms, you're unlucky! (it means we are not running the monitoring at the moment), try again later

-- AlessioSarti - 14 May 2008

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