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Outer Tracker Cosmics

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S29 C16 1700 C22 1650
S30 C17 1700 C23 1700
* FL(Lower Frame)
* FL(Lower Frame)*
scintillator channel# A[ V ] channel# B[ V ]
S13 C0 1600 C6 1700
S14 C1 1700 C7 1700
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S21 C14 1775 C20 1700
S22 C15 1825 C21 1800
S23 C16 1775 C22 1775
S34 C17 1700 C23 1700
S24 C17 1700 C23 1700

Input modified FE boards

FE channel# FU PMT channel FE channel# FU PMT channel
c1 A13 c1 A1
c2 B13 c2 B1
c3 A14 c3 A2
c4 B14 c4 B2
c5 A15 c5 A3
c6 B15 c6 B3
c7 A16 c7 A4
c8 B16 c8 B4
c9 A17 c9 A5
c10 B17 c10 B5
c11 A18 c11 A6
c12 B18 c12 B6
c13 A19 c13 A25
c14 B19 c14 B25
c15 A20 c15 A26
c16 B20 c16 B26
c17 A21 c17 A27
c18 B21 c18 B27
c19 A22 c19 A28
c20 B22 c20 B28
c21 A23 c21 A29
c22 B23 c22 B29
c23 A24 c23 A30
c24 B24 c24 B30

Log book

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