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Running the online alignment in run 2

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  To see how to use them call them with the -h option.
E.g. for the Tracker use: /group/online/dataflow/cmtuser/AlignmentRelease/build.x86_64-centos7-gcc62-opt/run bash

/group/online/dataflow/cmtuser/AlignmentDev_v11r4p1/Alignment/AlignmentMonitoring/scripts/moniPlots_Tracker.py -r 194913 --alignlog /group/online/AligWork/Tracker/run194913_v3/alignlog.txt --histoFiles /hist/Savesets/2017/LHCbA/AligWrk_Tracker/07/14/AligWrk_Tracker-19491418-20170714T101919-EOR.root(OLDFILE) /hist/Savesets/2017/LHCbA/AligWrk_Tracker/07/14/AligWrk_Tracker-19491425-20170714T183340-EOR.root(NEWFILE) -o test.pdf


Make trend plots

To make the trend plots you can use the scripts Alignment/AlignmentMonitoring/scripts/trendPlots.py call it with the option -h to see the options available.

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