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RICH 1 Upgrade Services

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  For the HV: Assume split poweing of last and second to last dynode + 2 spare channels = 100 so 10x10 SHV array (internal). The inside is the setting the limits, the 56 conductor cables. SHV connector ~ 15mm + 10 mm finger room -> 260mmx260mm patch panel. Would need t be quite thick though.

Internal cabling

An attempt to produce a summary of all the known services from the patch panel to the digital boards.

Red = Very rough guess. Blue = Provisional.

Service Number Cable Dimensions Bend radius Panel connector DB connector Comments
Data 6 12-fibre bundle 5 mm x 2 mm 40 mm Multi MPO feed-through Some 6-fibre MPO splitter 1 ribbon per PDM, how does it get split across the two DB?
ECS 2 12-fibre bundle 5 mm x 2 mm 40 mm Multi MPO feed-through Some 2-fibre MPO splitter 1 ribbon for 3 PDMs, how does it get split between them and across DBs?
LV 12 Thick insulated copper wire 5 + 2(insulation) mm diameter 40 mm 12 pin socket12 pin socket with high current pins?   Due to power supply limits two PDMs share a supply, so at least 6 cables need + some splitting between PDMs, if split outside means lower current through panel, and prettier inside.
HV 12,16,20 HV coax 3 mm diameter 20 mm Something like 20 pin HV socket 20 pin HV plug SHV 1,2 or 3 HV per PDM + 1 ground
DCS/DSS 12 Some wire         A thermoswitch per PDM?
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