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Data Files for Rich RTTC05 Performance

This page contains tar files with all performance figures (in both eps and png image formats) and the raw ROOT histogram files for the RICH RTTC05 performance studies.

The image tar files contain a large number of image files, so some help may be needed to locate the image you are after.

1. Choose the file you want. There are five different versions depending on which RICH radiator media where active during the processing.

2. Unpack the file. On linux this is can be done either at the command line via "tar -xvf filename.tar", or using one of the GUI applications available in new linux distributions (such as ark in KDE). On windows, WinZip should be able to handle the files for you.

3. Choose the image you want. The files are all named reasonably logically, so this should be easy. For instance if you are looking for the eps version of the RichHeavyID performance for the momentum range 2-100 GeV, for forward tracks only, this would be name X_heavyID-frwd_2to100GeV.eps (where X varies according to which image file you downloaded in step 1.)

ChrisRJones - 16 Aug 2005
ChrisRJones - 12 Nov 2005
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="Performance plots for all radiators combined" date="1124212325" name="RTTC05Plots-AllRads.tar" path="RTTC05Plots-AllRads.tar" size="4648960" user="jonrob" version="1.1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="Performance plots for aerogel only" date="1124212348" name="RTTC05Plots-Aerogel.tar" path="RTTC05Plots-Aerogel.tar" size="3737600" user="jonrob" version="1.1"
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