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Information required on trigger, stripping and luminosity

As this is a CP measurement an absolute normalization of the BR is not necessary. Yet one has to make sure that a proper PID calibration is available for each run period as the quality of PID might change with external conditions.
The wrong-tag fraction will be measured from charged B decays like $B^+\rightarrow \psi K^+$. Since the trigger path of this channel is very diofferent from the signal a proper reweighting has to be applied separating the signal into TIS TOS and TOB categories. It is therefore important that the trigger allows to know which objects have been used at each step in the trigger.
As this is a self-tagging decay there is no need of external information to get the tagging efficiency.

Number of streams in the stripping

This selection will have a strong overlap with all D*-based physics selections, which are all designed for measuring gamma. It thus makes sense to store them all in the same stream. Other D*-based selections are the tagging calibration D*mu and the inclusive D* PID calibration stream. Although this data will be used as input in the analysis it seems not to be needed to have it available in the final fit. As the workflow is likely to be different I'd prefer to have them in three streams.
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 -- PatrickKoppenburg - 21 Jul 2006

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