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META TOPICPARENT name="SciFiSimulation"

FTv5 - updated Monolayer design with dead regions and SiPMs

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single_mat.png Full view: pdf , png
#3: Single Module
single_module.png Full view: pdf , png
#4: Some Modules
some_modules.png Full view: pdf , png
  -- OliverGruenberg - 2015-04-16
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="single_module.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1429524812" name="single_module.pdf" path="single_module.pdf" size="76122" user="ogruenbe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="single_module.png" attr="" comment="" date="1429524812" name="single_module.png" path="single_module.png" size="27054" user="ogruenbe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NamingScheme.png" attr="" comment="" date="1432912322" name="NamingScheme.png" path="NamingScheme.png" size="193959" user="ogruenbe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="some_modules.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1445501412" name="some_modules.pdf" path="some_modules.pdf" size="16452" user="ogruenbe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="some_modules.png" attr="" comment="" date="1445501412" name="some_modules.png" path="some_modules.png" size="5823" user="ogruenbe" version="1"
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