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SetupProject User Guide

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There are 2 main usages for SetupProject: the fist one is to setup the full environment of a project and the second one is to prepare the environment for the software development. This second usage which is performed by using the --build-env option (or equivalently by using the alias setenvProject) doesn't setup the full environment. It only updates the environment variable LHCBPROJECTPATH.

This is all you need to build your software. For example, here is a normal usage of SetupProject for both development and run:

  1. Prepare the environment which the custom directory from the nightly builds:
                SetupProject --build-env --nightly lhcb2 DaVinci v24r0  (setenvProject --nightly lhcb2 DaVinci v24r0)
  2. checkout the package you would like to modifiy
                getpack MyPack
  3. Modify your package
  4. Build it
                cd  MyPack/cmt
                cmt make 
  5. Do the full setup to run it
                SetupProject --nightly lhcb2 DaVinci v24r0  

It is important that the build is done before the full setup is done. Otherwise you could end up with a package that doesn't build in the normal environment.


Bug reporting

Please report bugs to the SetupProject category of the lhcbscripts Savannah bug tracker
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