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Generate, digitize and reconstruct two signal events with decays

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 Look at the histograms produced by Boole in BsJPsiKs-2evt-histos.root, check there are entries in the histograms.

Use Moore to simulate the trigger for the events

Moore is very localized, only a few versions work with each TCK, for 2011 simulation the last compatible version is v12r9p5 (if a trigger expert knows better please correct this). That version predates releases on gcc46 so setup gcc43:

source $VO_LHCB_SW_DIR/lib/LbLogin.sh -c x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt or on lxplus just source LbLogin.sh -c x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt

Use the same instructions as for Gauss and Boole to setup Moore version v12r9p5 after setting the environment to gcc43.

Setup an configuration file for Moore, which sets the trigger TCK to configure a consistent trigger: Save the following to a file called Moore-2011.py (correct the input file name to the one Boole created).

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from Configurables import Moore
Moore().UseTCK = True # provide an invalid TCK here so one is forced to append eg. Conditions/TCK-0x00051810.py
Moore().InitialTCK = '0x40760037'
Moore().L0 = True
Moore().ReplaceL0BanksWithEmulated = True
Moore().UseDBSnapshot = False
Moore().EnableRunChangeHandler = False
Moore().CheckOdin = False
Moore().WriterRequires = []
Moore().Simulation = True
from Configurables import L0MuonAlg
L0MuonAlg( "L0Muon" ).L0DUConfigProviderType = "L0DuConfigProvider"

from Configurables import Moore
Moore().DDDBtag   = "Sim08-20130503"
Moore().CondDBtag = "Sim08-20130503-vc-md100"

fileList = ['Gauss-11144103-2ev-20130724.digi']

Moore().inputFiles = fileList
Moore().outputFile = Moore().inputFiles[0].replace('Boole','Moore')
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then run with

gaudirun.py Moore-2011.py | tee BsJPsiKs-2evt_Moore.log


Use Brunel to reconstruct the events digitized with Boole

Use the same instructions as for Gauss and Boole to setup Brunel version v44r5.
Setup Brunel version v44r5.
  The Brunel options required to run the job are the values of DDDBtag and CondDBtag, the input file name and type and the required output from Brunel.
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 LHCbApp().DDDBtag = "Sim08-20130503" LHCbApp().CondDBtag = "Sim08-20130503-vc-md100"
datasetName = "Gauss-11144103-2ev-20130724"
datasetName = "Moore-11144103-2ev-20130724"
  EventSelector().Input = ["DATAFILE='PFN:" + datasetName + ".digi?svcClass=default' TYP='POOL_ROOTTREE' OPT='READ'"]
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