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Working with LHCb Software and SLC6

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 This configuration is supported by a large part of the LHCb Software stack (work is being done to release the rest of the stack). It is possible to compile/run your algorithm with this configuration, but most of the grid resources have not been migrated to SLC6 yet.

Jobs with configuration "x86_64-slc6-gcc46-opt" should not be submitted to the grid

slc6-gcc46 jobs should not be submitted the grid at the moment, as all Tier 1 sites are not equipped with SLC6 queues yet. Sites are currently migrating their computing resources to SLC6 (or compatible), we will send more information when available.

Warning, important Trying to submit your ganga jobs with this configuration will result in an error.

It is still possible to use Ganga from an SLC6 node, but in that case it is necessary to set your environment as being SLC5 for cross-compilation and job submission (see next point)


SLC5 cross-compilation on SLC6

You can continue to work with the "x86_64-slc5-gcc46-opt"configuration that was the default on SLC5. In order to do so you need to call:

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