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Special Data Productions


B->J/Psi (mu mu) Ks produced for tracking studies by M. Needham

  • digi and sim files
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  • XML Catalog: /afs/cern.ch/user/g/gcorti/public/POOL/Catalog_v25r6.xml

-- ThomasRuf - 20 Oct 2006


B inclusive digi and sim files at high Luminosities (C.Jones)

Samples of high luminosity data sets are available, from the private Cambridge production I ran for the LHCb Upgrade meeting.

Samples at fixed luminosities of :-

  • L= 5e32
  • L= 8e32
  • L= 1e33
  • L= 2e33

are available. At each luminosty, 500 B inclusive SIM (Gauss v25r7) and DIGI (Boole v12r10) files are available (more are available and can be copied to castor if needed). The digi files where produced with spillover turned ON, so in addition 1500 min bias SIM events are also available.

The files are available in castor at

  > nsls /castor/cern.ch/user/j/jonrob/data/HighLumi/

I hope the files names are self explanatory...

In addition, a POOL XML catalogue file is available, which can be used to provide transparent DIGI->SIM access, if needed.

Finally, DSTs could also be made available, if there is interest. However, these DSTs where produced with an untuned Brunel application (v30r14) with almost no changes from the vanilla version (A few tweeks to the seeding and RICH). So the quality of these data sets is unknown. First indications from the Upgrade Meeting are not horrible though...

-- ChrisRJones - 15 Jan 2007

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HighLumi.xml" attr="" comment="POOL XML File for C.Jones high lumi data sets" date="1168884226" name="HighLumi.xml" path="HighLumi.xml" size="55946" stream="HighLumi.xml" user="Main.ChrisRJones" version="1"
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