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Special Data Productions

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  > nsls /castor/cern.ch/user/j/jonrob/data/HighLumi/
I hope the files names are self explanatory...
I hope the files names are self explanatory... The SIM files containing 10000000 are the B inclusive signal files, whilst those containing 10000000-30000000 are the corresponding min biad spillover files.

Note : Due to a ROOT feature, the minimum bias file at L=2e33 was truncated at 1.9G, due to a legacy 2G file limit and a second file (the XXX_1.sim file) was started. This means the DIGI files at this setting have less than 500 events.

  In addition, a POOL XML catalogue file is available, which can be used to provide transparent DIGI->SIM access, if needed.
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