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LHCb Stripping FAQ


Which DaVinci version & tags to use?

For the vast majority of user analysis (making ntuples from stripping output, etc), you should use the latest version of DaVinci and the latest CondDB and DDDB tags available for the data type that you're analysing. This way you get the the most recent versions of analysis tools with any improvements or bug fixes.

Note that, as analysis tools evolve, you may not get exactly the same values for observables with different DaVinci versions. Eg, the PID tuning or the vertex fitting algorithm may change. This just means that with the latest DaVinci you get the best possible measurement of the observables.

If you need to reproduce exactly the values of the observables that were used during the relevant stripping campaign you must use the same DaVinci version as was used for that campaign. This is the case if you're restripping the data for whatever reason, or if you're stripping MC. See here for details of which DaVinci version was used for each stripping campaign.


How do I run some stripping line on MC data and fill the selected candidates into Tuple?

Hereafter is an example of running one stripping line, FullDSTDiMuonJpsi2MuMuDetachedLine of Stripping17 on MC10 data.

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