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LHCb Stripping FAQ

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 DaVinci().appendToMainSequence( [ eventNodeKiller ] ) # Kill old stripping banks first %ENDSYNTAX%
Re-stripping MC that was persisted in the Micro-DST format requires a bit more effort. See this awesome page here

How to write a stripping line

Stripping is no more than (Pre)Selection of your favorite channels, once you have the (Pre)Selection at hand, it should be straightforward to add a Stripping line for that. Just have a look at some file in the directory python/StrippingSelections of Phys/StrippingSelections package. There is also a tutorial on how to write a stripping line here. In order to be able to test your line as suggested in here you have to follow what has been done in the $STRIPPINGSELECTIONSROOT/python/StrippingSelections/StrippingB2HHBDT.py.
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