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Instructions for Subversion librarians

This page is intended for Subversion librarians (currently Hubert Degaudenzi, Marco Clemencic, Joel Closier, Marco Cattaneo, Loic Brarda). Documentation for Subversion users is available in SVNUsageGuidelines.
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  • Copy the package: svn copy -m "moving ThePackage to NewProject" svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/lhcb/OldProject/trunk/TheHat/ThePackage svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/lhcb/NewProject/trunk/TheHat/
  • Remove the old package: svn remove -m "ThePackage moved to NewProject" svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/lhcb/OldProject/trunk/TheHat/ThePackage
  • Update the packages property of svn:
svn co -N svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/lhcb
cd lhcb
svn propedit packages
cd $User_release_area
svn co -N svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/lhcb lhcb_repos
svn pe packages lhcb_repos
ALERT! It's mandatory to check out a fresh copy of lhcb_repos or update the working copy with svn update before editing the property.
Move the package from the oldProject to the NewProject in the list, exit the editor and commit the changes
svn ci -m "moved ThePackage from OldProject to NewProject in the list of packages" lhcb_repos
rm -r lhcb_repos
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