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IP and Ethernet configuration for TELL1 and UKL1 Boards on the data network

Subdetector Subsystem ID IP Range HW/layer 2 source address ECS names DAQ names Comment
Subdetector Subsystem ID IP source address HW/layer 2 source address ECS names DAQ names Comment
RICH2 1 192.169.1.xx/24 00:CC:BB:01:xx:00/24 r2ukl1xx r2ukl1xx-d1 0 < xx < 13
HCAL 2 00:CC:BB:02:00:00/24 hctellxx hctellxx-d1 0 < xx < 9
ECAL 3 00:CC:BB:03:00:00/24 ectellxx ectellxx-d1 0 < xx < 27
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  This should be configured on each board wanting to send on the data network. Using any other address will usually not work (packets will be dropped).


IP destination address to be used

The prefix (the first two bytes) is 192.168 (for farm nodes). The last two bytes are assigned by the TTC. In the config file you can set them to 0.0. If you are not using the TTC then you must give the full data-network address of a farmnode. You can find the address using the host command. E.g.: for hlte0801 the data network address will be given by typing host hlte0801-d1


Sample configuration for a TELL1 .cfg file

_L0003:___    []         --Destination IP, The two last bytes are normally replaced by TTC/ECS info. This is =hlt00101= 
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