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In order to get a temporary copy for fast offline data analysis :

  • log on lbgw
  • log on plus
  • copy from /daqarea/lhcb/data/2008/RAW/LHCb/PHYSICS_COSMICS/ the run on your home directory (which is the same as the one on lbgw)
  • copy from lbgw to lxplus using scp : scp lbgw:/home/mschune/026873_0000062517.raw /tmp/mschune/.

Few caveats :

  • the /tmp/mschune space is linked to the lxplus machine you are log on ...
  • you should not have a .bashrc in your login directory on lbgw ... otherwise scp does not seem to work
  • do not forget to remove the raw file from your home directory on lbgw

-- MarieHeleneSchune - 16 Jul 2008

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