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META TOPICPARENT name="SimulationUpgrade"

Centrally Produced Simulation samples for Upgrade studies

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EventType Channel (DecFiles) Detector configuration Beam Conditions No. of events Output type Purpose Status Location
30000000 minimum bias VP + UT + FT (no preference for rich) tbd 1M (10 M would be even better) xdst trigger timing and retention Watch on hold until tracking algorithms are more advanced  
13104013 Bs_phiphi=CDFAmp,DecProdCut,hpt400 VP + UT + large IT + OT + without aerogel nu=3.8 with spillover 10k sim once geometry is ready No geometry not yet available  
13102201 Bs_phigamma=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    
27163221 Dsst_Dsgamma,KKpi=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo reco    
11124002 Bd_Kstee=btosllball05,DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    
22262001 D0_Kpipi0=DecProdCut baseline nu=7.6, spillover 100k xdst Calo PID    

Done Samples

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