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Below some hopefully helpful info for new collaborators that also need access to work in the pit (=IP8) of LHCb.
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  if accompanied by a qualified person, but these are NOT meant for people that have to work in the pit.
  • Once you have the 12 working day access to the pit, ( EDH, under "Access Request", "Click to add a new line item", "LHC Installation Special Hours (LHCI-12)). You need to get yourself an upgrade to 24/24 for 7/7. Select in EDH, under "Access Request", "Click to add a new line item", "LHC Installation Special Hours (LHCI-24)" and after 2 days you can also work at evenings and in the weekend.
  • Following the Level4 safety courses (4 and 4b) is obligatory. The course is available on the Web. For those of you who can access the AIS system it may be reached via:
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  most of the time at the pit, has to give authorisation. If he has done so, you have to go with your CERN-id to Building 124 (124-R-011, Sebastian Auerbach) in Meyrin, to get this extra feature implemented.
* Access to the pit, ( EDH, under "Access Request", "Click to add a new line item", "UX85 : LHCb underground (LHCB_U).
 Dosimetry is not yet obligatory. But soon will be. Please attend the appriopriate radiological protection course which is obligatory if you plan to get a film badge. Follow this link to find out how to register


* From the end of April '08 you will however be required to have biometric "iris" data to access the experimental area. You do not yet need a film badge but you will need a "token". If you have safety clearance up to 4b and LHCb-U you can go to building 55 and be given "token".

Please note that working around the beam pipe or the magnet requires permission. Ask if you don't have any or are unsure contact Themis Bowcock or Eddy Jans for further information.

  • Don't forget that you are obliged to wear safety equipment which INCLUDES steel capped shoes and a hard hat with lights. These are available from the store.
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