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Velotest for Beam-monitor

Responsible: Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi


Data are acquired onto pcvelo01 (login as local user velo) The login will setup Online v4r6 in /home/velo/cmtuser Datataking can be started with the hltrx.sh script or with startRun (not working yet) Data will be written onto /scratch/velodata This area is replicated to castor using tbct.py (not started yet) onto /castor/cern.ch/lhcb/testbeam/lhcbvelo/2008/ The user account used for copying the data is lhcbvelo. tbct.py is part of the local crontab on pcvel01


The TELL1 is pctell028. It is currently running firmware 2.0. Login as user velo. The config files are in the massi directory. Data sending is started by running daq_tell1


  • Currently pcvelo01 needs AFS running and pctell028 runs from lbonccpc01. In case of failure verify these network connections first

-- NikoNeufeld - 25 Feb 2008

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